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We offer a wide range of fans and impellers in Gloucestershire and across the UK

At Cadfan Ltd, we offer a wide range of fans and impellers, in numerous sizes and configurations. We also have the expertise in designing and manufacturing fans and impellers in order to match your requirements. With Cadfan Ltd, you’ll get experts who can assist with selecting the right fans and impellers for you.

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Maintenance and service

At Cadfan Ltd, we have experienced engineers who can provide you with an exceptional fan maintenance and repair services. Based in Gloucestershire, you can rely on our experts for their unbiased advice and recommendations. Call us today to discuss your fan requirements.


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If you are looking for a fan or impeller specialist then Cadfan can help. For over 20 years we have been specialising in this particular sector and we have a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the fan and impeller service and manufacturing industries. Call 01452 690 035 for some professional advice and to find out how we can help.